When the days are clear and the weather is warm, the team at Americal Insurance doesn’t blame you for instantly wanting to get out on the water in your boat or watercraft. Your boat is a great getaway from all of the stress and pressure of the mainland, which is why it is so important that you have watercraft insurance coverage to cover anything that might happen to it.

From cruising the waterways with friends to going on relaxing fishing trips, it is a hard for boat owners to picture their life without the ability to hit the open seas. With our boat insurance, you are able to enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about what could go wrong.

Things to Consider for Boat Insurance

The team at our insurance agency specializes in writing insurance policies specifically for boaters. That means you can be certain that we will always provide you with the best protection available. Our agents fully understand the difference between power boaters, sailors, and fishermen and know how to tailor your watercraft insurance to fit your unique needs.

Our boat insurance plans provide coverage against many different types of loss. Some of the most common types of coverage we offer include:

  • Medical Payments Coverage – We offer medical coverage that can cover your eligible medical expenses if you get hurt when on the water.
  • Physical Damage Coverage – This optional coverage is typically designed to take care of your boat, motor, and trailer. Our agents help you determine the right amount of physical damage coverage for each boat on your policy as well as your deductible.
  • Liability Coverage – If you’re involved in an accident, there is a good chance that another person or another watercraft is involved. If you are at fault, you will need liability coverage. We show you all of the different coverage and limits available so you can get the maximum amount of personalized protection you need.

Updating Your Watercraft Insurance Policy

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lifelong boater or just getting started, it is always a good idea to take a close look at your new or existing boat insurance policy. Our team is ready to help you make sure your policy is affordable, safe, and secure. You deserve the right policy at the right price and our team is your source for the best coverage possible.

Contact us when you are looking for the right watercraft insurance coverage for your boat or watercraft. Our team, located in Encino, is proud to help boaters from across the entire state of California protect their investments.