Selecting that perfect motorcycle is a big decision, but protecting your new bike is an easy one thanks to Americal Insurance. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a casual rider, or a hardcore motorcyclist, our motorcycle insurance coverage has the right protection to cover you, your bike, and all of your accessories. Our policies are designed to meet both your personal and financial needs so you can ride your bike knowing you are covered in case of an accident.

Choosing the Right Coverage for Your Motorcycle

When it comes to choosing the type of motorcycle insurance coverage and deductibles that best cover your bike and lifestyle, you need to work with our friendly and helpful insurance team. We offer competitive prices and convenient payment plans that allow you to enjoy the coverage you need at a stable and fair price. While we hope that you never have a bad day, our team is there for you if you ever find yourself in need of our coverage.

Discounts & Deals for Motorcyclists

Make sure your insurance premiums are nice and low by working with our insurance agency. We want you to enjoy your ride with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are covered. We offer discounts for mature riders, multiple riders, renewals, and those who have passed qualified safety courses or have multiple policies with our company.

Discounts that could significantly lower your insurance premium are nice, but they aren’t the only reason to sign up for our motorcycle insurance coverage. Thanks to our competitive pricing and superior customer service, you will be able to design a policy with us that perfectly meet your needs as a proud motorcycle owner.

The Personalized Protection You Need

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time bike owner or have been riding for years; it is always a good idea to take a close look at your motorcycle insurance coverage. Things change, times change, and the chances are that your policy may need to be updated to meet your changing lifestyle.

We understand that you have worked hard to get to where you are and that is why we strive to always deliver the right policy at the right price. Regardless of the type of motorcycle rider you are, we will have the right policy for you.
Contact us when you want to ensure you have the right motorcycle insurance for your specific needs. Our Encino agency team helps customers from around the state of California insure any two-wheeled vehicle they own, from custom chopper to simple scooter.