At Americal Insurance, we are always looking to exceed the expectations of our customers. Thanks to our hard work not only do most of our clients renew their policies, but they also refer their family and friends to our insurance company. In fact, we have clients that have been insured with our company for more than three decades. Take a look below for just a small selection of testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Robert Ellis Shabkie – Client since 1982

My father called Americal Insurance when I was a teen to get me car insurance with Mercury. Next year I turn 50. I am still insured with Americal Insurance/Mercury and Mike and now Mike Jr. are still acting as my agent. Obviously, they have met or exceeded all of my expectations over the 30 years that they have looked over my insurance needs. By the way, my father working in the insurance industry. He knew what he was doing when he put me in Americal Insurance’s competent hands.

Hector & Rose Garcia – Clients since 1983

We have been loyal customers of Americal/Mercury Insurance for over 30 years. They have provided our automobile insurance at an affordable rate. Within the past three years, they have also insured our college and high school students. Because we have been highly satisfied with Americal/Mercury Insurance, we have also decided to insure our home with them. We encourage you to contact Americal Insurance and their friendly staff regarding your insurance needs.

Randy Harris – Client since 1978

Three words… ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! I have been doing business with Mike Hadad and Americal Insurance for almost 35 years… the longest relationship I have had with anyone since relocating from NYC.

Mike and his staff have always been there for me and my family, thru the good and the bad. Not only are they the most knowledgeable insurance people in the business, but also the most honest. They have always looked out for my family’s best interests; helping us choose the most appropriate and reasonable insurance plans that fit our needs; re-evaluating our driving records each year to see if there are any cost savings programs to get into.

In all the years we have been together, they have never tried to over sell! And unlike many others in the insurance field, Mike and his staff return phone calls the same day and make follow-up calls to ensure everything is going as discussed. They really care.

I consider Mike not just my insurance broker, but also my good friend. I would highly recommend Americal insurance to anyone, anytime.

Dan Schultz – Client since 1991

I have been a customer of Americal Insurance for several years now. Over this period I have insured more than 10 vehicles and currently I have 6 vehicles insured. During this time I have taught my three sons how to drive. I have had my share of claims over the years and the claims experience has been smooth. Americal Insurance makes sure I have the best coverage at the best rate. Recently I have added my homeowners insurance to my policy after 17 years with a competitor. All I can say is that I could have bought a new car by now with the savings this insurance bundle provided. I am very pleased to be associated with this agency. They are professional and eager to help every time I call. I highly recommend Americal Insurance.

Rick & Haguai Cooper – Clients since 2009

Don’t change a thing, you are the best! The way our claim was handled was amazing. Even though the other party totaled our car and they did NOT have insurance, Americal was incredible, especially Mike Hadad Jr. His dedication, patience, kindness, and the way he handled the entire situation was unbelievable. Everything was resolved with no delays and no problems. Since Americal is an authorized agent for Mercury Insurance for over 40 years, with Mike Jr.’s assistance we got our check promptly and were able to buy another car ASAP. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

John Rastatter – Client since 1986

Americal Insurance is always a call away when I need help. Their rates are competitive and their service is caring and professional. I can always rely on them to be there for me when I need help. I have been a client for as long as I can remember. Americal builds long-term relationships with their clients. They do a great job. I can’t think of anything to change.

Judy Walker – Client since 1981

As a past employee and client at Americal Insurance I can easily express my pleasure with this company. Working with fantastic people that gave it their all at all times. Making sure that our clients were taken care of in a prompt and personal manner. I remember clients that would bring gifts of appreciation for a job well done. I quit working there back in 1991 to be there for my son and to run my husband’s business from home. To this day I still have occasional dreams that I still work there.

As a client for over 25 years, I am assured that I am getting the best rate and have the highest confidence with the staff. They actually take the time to call me if I forget to mail my payment.

If I wasn’t so busy with the job I do now, Americal Insurance would be my first choice for employment. Keep up the good work, love you guys!

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